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Welcome to the homepage of Robert Costello, SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor and Chairperson of the Criminal Justice Department. Please feel free to contact me in G 157 or call (516) 572-7178 ext.25200 or e-mail

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A Message to Students

The new human family based upon diversity, inclusion, respect, and equality has already dawned at Nassau Community College and is destined to triumph all over.  

Many students are like me in that I was the first person in my family to attend college.  There was major self doubt in my mind.  Was I smart enough?  If this sounds familiar, please tell yourself "I belong here" on a daily basis.  Every time you walk onto campus, go into a classroom, log onto our class website, please say "I belong here".

Some of you might be thinking of careers where you don't see others who are like you in terms of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, social status, etc.  Self doubt may enter your mind.  Tell yourself "I am worthy". 

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An Invitation

While we live in a society fixated on upward mobility, I invite you to consider using your talents and passions in the pursuit of downward mobility; that is, engaging with victims of injustice in a life of love and service as a criminal justice professional, teacher, social worker, etc.

May we continue to inspire one another to overcome our fears and engage this broken world.

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