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How to Succeed in Science

  • BE PRESENT for all Lectures and Labs.
    • If you missed the class, You missed the point.
    • Make-up is never as good as the group experience
  • Know Where You're Going
    • Be Prepared for the day.
    • Read Ahead. It builds Confidence

  • Know Where You've Been
    • Reread, Rewrite, Review
    • Hold on to the ideas and help them develop within you.
    • Build on foundation information.
  • When in Doubt, Ask Questions
    • Don't be afraid to Learn.
    • You're never alone. I'm here to help you. Just Ask.
  • When an idea comes to mind, Share It.
    • The World is waiting for Your Special Insights.
  • Face the Day with Joy
    • Biology is the Study of Life
    • Life is an Adventure

    You Entered this World with Curiosity.

    Walk through it with Determination.

    Grow in Wisdom.

    Always Remember:

    You are a New and Unique Creation.

    The World would be "Less" without You in it.

    Be Present! Be Active! Be Well!

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