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Interested in a career in social work? 
Just a little bit curious? Want to know 
more right now without picking up a 
phone or dropping by an office?
Check out this PowerPoint slide show by NCC's 
Prof. Pat Halcrow. She explains the range of career 
options available to social workers.

You might be surprised at how many possibilities 
there are!

You can also find the slide show on my "Documents" page.)

Image courtesy of Timothy Valentine and used under a 
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license.

Interested in exploring career options in social work? Consider these courses:

CSW 117: Introduction to Community Service
CSW 200: Community Service Skills
CSW 205: Community Service Internship

For more information contact Dr. Patricia Halcrow, G-386, 572-9660, Patricia.Halcrow (at) NCC (dot) edu, or contact the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work Office, G-357, 572-7452.

Elizabeth's Announcements
AFT On Campus "Speak out" on social networking in academic life

The "Speak Out" feature in the Sept/Oct issue of AFT On Campus asks the question: Do the problems of social networking outweigh the benefits. I wrote the "NO" answer arguing that, like all tools, effective use of social networking tools must be learned but that when used well those tools significantly enhances the free exchange of ideas.

Here is a link to the issue PDF (Look for "Speak Out" on the side bar.) read more ...

A peek at my recent work

I've been doing some traveling and speaking recently. I've given talks on research ethics, sex work and the need to build trust between researchers and the people that they study. One talk was given at a grassroots conference where bloggers, activists, sex workers, BDSM practitioners and all sorts of other people got together to discuss issues of sex and society. The other was given at a very academic conference full of researchers discussing sex and society. In the first I collaborated with Renegade Evolution. In the second, with Dr. Michael Goodyear. Below you can see a video of the first presentation and a powerpoint slide show from the second.

PowerPoint slides from "Bridging communities in sex work research" presented with Michael Goodyear:

Video of "Building bridges and alliances between researchers, sex workers and clients" with Renegade Evolution:

Video courtesy of Calico. You can find more at her page.

 read more ...

Inauguration links from Truthout and The Root

Barack Obama's inauguration speech

Pete Seeger and Bruce Springstein (and others) singing "This Land is Your Land" (with all the verses!)

Yahoo! News/Associated Press Inauguration page

Also, here is a link to a wonderful description of the walk he will take through the Capitol building before reaching the spot where he will take the oath of office:
Tour of Echoes

And here is the Obama's first dance as President and First Lady, sung by Beyonce. read more ...

Election Data Available!

Exit Polls - Election Results 2008 and Previous - National Data - The New York Times

Presidential election exit polls from 1980 through this election - votes broken down by demographic characteristics. Hover over each to see proportion of the electorate.


How Long Island Voted - Newsday

Find election results by zip code/community for Nassau and Suffolk Counties. How did your community vote?

 read more ...

Contexts Crawler
Contexts is published by the American Sociological Association as a way to popularize sociological thinking. The Contexts Crawler is "a human-powered crawler scanning the internet with the sociological imagination turned on."


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