The Pop Surrealists/Low-Brow/Kustom Kulture Artists

Juxtapoz magazine

Gil Elvgren's (1914-1980) take on a woman with a parrot, c. 1950.

A pulp cover, c. 1940, painted by Rafael de Soto (1904-1992).

Burlesque and the Docks, Reginald Marsh, 1939.

Robert Williams.

Robert Williams is a well-known painter and editor of Juxtapoz magazine, whose formal training in the arts began at Los Angeles City College and culminated at Chouinard Art Institute. Williams began as part of the trail-blazing "Zap Collective", along with other underground visionaries like Robert Crumb and "Big Daddy" Ed Roth. An ethnically Californian mix of car-culture, cinematic apocalypticism, and tabloids helped to create a new genre often called Low Brow (though the artists reject that name). "There was never any intention to make the title of my book the name of a fledging art movement but, over time, that seems to be what has transpired." --Robert Williams

Appetite for Destruction, orginal Guns and Roses Cover (1987), by Robbie Williams.

The original Robbie Williams' design was too controversial for in-store stocking, so the band reluctantly decided to put the art inside the album jacket. They then re-released the album with this cover by Billy White, Jr., which shows a cross and dotted in the five skulls of the band members -- originally designed as a tattoo.

The Pavilion of the Red Clown, Robert Williams, 2005.

Thanksgiving, John Currin, 2003.
The women are based on the three ages of woman - a common enough motif in art. The model is the artist's wife.

Mark Ryden (b. January 20, 1963 in Medford, Oregon). Ryden studied Illustration and graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, in 1987. His solo debut show entitled "The Meat Show" was in Pasadena, California in 1998. He currently lives and works in Eagle Rock, California, in a studio that he shares with his partner, artist Marion Peck.

Cloven Bunny, Mark Ryden, 2003.

Inside Sue, Mark Ryden, 1997.

Saint Barbie, Mark Ryden, 2005.

Rose 42, Mark Ryden, 2003.

Young Lord Oliver, Marion Peck, 2007.

Marion Peck was born on October 3, 1963 in Manila, the Philippines, while her family was on a trip around the world, and grew up in Seattle, Washington. She received a BFA from The Rhode Island School of Design in 1985. Subsequently she studied in two different MFA programs, Syracuse University in New York and Temple University in Rome. She currently lives in Eagle Rock, CA. [From the artist's website]

Kittens, Marion Peck, 2006.

Supper Club, Marion Peck, 2006.

Shary Boyle

Born 1972. Toronto, Ontario. 1994. Diploma Of Fine Arts. Ontario College Of Art and Design. Toronto , Canada

Untitled Porcelain, Shary Boyle, 2005.

Ourobouros, Shary Boyle, 2006.

Alice Decidere, Julien Martinez, c. 2005.

JULIEN MARTINEZ, born in 1970 in the area of Bordeaux, France, is a contemporary doll artist who earned his BA from Ecole des Beaux Arts of Bordeaux. His inspiration is diverse, ranging from visual and literary sources to movies, fairy tales, and even the history of costumes.

Ida & Elisbetha, Julien Martinez, c. 2005.

Prodigie, Julian Martinez, c. 2005.

Doll, Hans Bellmer, c 1935.

Ad for Ambien Somnambulants, Garcia's Fall 2008 show at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in NYC.

Camille Rose Garcia, Antarctic Suburban Outpost, c. 2006.

Subterranean Death Clash (this and the following two images are a selection from this show), shown in 2006 at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York. Using narrative and fairytale structures, Camille Rose Garcia's latest work, Subterranean Death Clash, explores a futuristic scenario in which an overpopulated, overdeveloped world is forced to move underground. The Royal Disorder, led by General Disorder and his army of poison bottles and castles, slash and burn their way through many different underworlds until they dig their way into the final cavern, the Land of the Dead. There they battle cave swans and death armies in a final Subterranean Death Clash. []

Camille Rose Garcia, Cavern Swan Escape, c. 2006.

Camille Rose Garcia, Emerald Cavern Night Raid, c. 2006.

Elizabeth "Bloodbath" McGrath.

Elizabeth McGrath (born in Hollywood, California) is an artist who works primarily in the fields of sculpture and animation. She attended Catholic school as a child, started a punk rock band, and has these elements infuse her work, crediting Catholic school especially with her inspiration. She later attended Pasadena City College. Her work is often evocative of the darker side of life, and she has been nicknamed Bloodbath McGrath after the subject matter of her works. Along with her career in art, McGrath also is the lead singer of the Los Angeles-born band Miss Derringer along with her husband/songwriter Morgan Slade. []

Deer Head, Elizabeth McGrath, c. 2003.

Doll Curio Case, Elizabeth McGrath, c. 2003.

Marian and Mr. Lemur, Elizabeth McGrath, c. 2003.

Cover of Abject Expressionism, Ron English, b. 1968.

Ron English has been called the Robin Hood of Madison Avenue for his seminal work in billboard subvertising and is widely considered to be a founding member of the Culture Jamming movement. Abject Expressionism is a comprehensive survey covering 20 years’ of English’s career, from staged photography to neo-Surrealist oil paintings to street art. English’s work often involves “liberating” commercial billboards with his own messages: he wrangles carefully created corporate iconographies so they are metaphorically turned upside down, used against the corporations they are meant to represent. English’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide, including Paris’ MOCA and NYC’s Whitney. An important look at the work of an artist who has been at the forefront of activist art movements in photography, painting and underground music. [Source]

Obama Red Blue, Ron English, c. 2008.

Obama Pink Purple, Ron English, c. 2008.

Mouse Trap, c. 2001.

Art Kisstory, Ron English, c. 1995.

UV Dreams, c. 2008. Mars-1 (Mario Martinez), American, b. 1977.
"I'm influenced by science not science fiction."

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Nature of Time, c. 2008. Mars-1.

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