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"A Jury of Her Peers" by Susan Glaspell  

"A Nurse Need Never Forget" - Perez-Pena  

"A Revolutionary Idea" - Nocera  

"Blogs vs. Term Papers" - Richtel  

"Courtship, Marriage, Separation, and Divorce"  

"Demanding More From College" - Bruni - NY Times  

"For Math, Click Calculate" - Phillips  

"Grand Allusion" by Elizabeth Samet  

"Is GPS All in Our Heads?" - Frankenstein  

"Labor Union"  

"Lamb to the Slaughter" by Roald Dahl  

"Should literature be considered useful?" - Kirsch and Stevens - NY Times  

"Stealing the Constitution" -- Garrett Epps (THE NATION)  

"The Commandments: The Constitution and its worshippers" -- Jill Lepore (THE NEW YORKER)  

"The Wilds of Education" - Bruni - NYTIMES  

"To Build A Fire" -- YOUTH'S COMPANION -- 1902  

"What You (Really) Need to Know" - Summers  

"Who Built This City?" Ted Widmer (NYT 9.28.12)  

"You Still Need Your Brain" -- Daniel T. Willingham (NYT 5.19.17)  

“I Was a Marine. I Don’t Want a Gun in My Classroom.” (Anthony Swofford) New York Times (Feb 24, 201  

Almond, "A good narrator ..."  

Kennedy speech at Rice University  

Plessy v. Ferguson -- Supreme Court @ Cornell  

Plessy v. Ferguson @ PBS  

PRESIDENT JOHN SMITH written by Frederick Adams (1897)  

President Obama's Inaugural Address  

"The Sinking of the Commodore" - 1/7/1897 - NEW YORK PRESS  

Father Knox's Decalogue  

Kate Chopin -- "The Story of an Hour"  

Sweatshops @  

Poe - "The Cask of Amontillado"  

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