Monday, March 20, 2023
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CHE 107 - General Chemistry

This course meets CHE 151 prerequisite in lieu of high school chemistry. This course may be applied toward satisfaction of the college laboratory science requirement. The course is a one semester laboratory course for career students investigating basic facts, theories and principles of chemistry. Topics include mathematics review, metric/SI system, basic atomic and molecular structure, chemical nomenclature, stoichiometry, periodic table, properties of gases, liquids and solids, and solutions. A working knowledge of elementary mathematics including algebra is helpful.

The study of chemistry requires that one thoroughly master the material presented each day in order to understand what will be taught on the next day. It is therefore important that the readings and problems assigned in the course outline be completed prior to the next class. Time will be made available in class for questions. I will be available for office hours prior to class by appointment.An understanding of measurement and conversions.

This course provides the basis for understanding the fundamental knowledge that is essential to your success in the General Chemistry (CHE 131-2) or Inorganic Chemistry (CHE 151-2) sequences. Topics of special importance include:

  • A Mathematics Review of fundamental algebraic concepts.
  • The development of sound problem solving techniques.
  • An understanding of basic atomic and molecular structure.
  • An overview of the periodic table.
  • The ability to write chemical formulas and name chemical compounds.
  • The ability to write balanced equations and carry out stoichiometry calculations based on these equations.
  • An overview of the gas laws.
  • An understanding of the mole concept, including molarity and solution calculations.
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