Monday, March 27, 2023
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AHS122 - Surgical Technology II 








1      LECTURE:  Preoperative preparation of the patient, Pre-op chart and transportation of the patient. 

LAB:  Starting a case/transportation of the patient


2      LECTURE:  Surgical Positioning:  Principles and Precautions/Duties of a Circulator

LAB:  OR Table and Parts


3      LECTURE:  Surgical Skin Preparation

LAB:  Positioning of the patient


4      LECTURE:  Incisions I

LAB:  Skin Preps


5      LECTURE:  Incisions II/Duties of a Scrub

LAB:  Vital Signs


6      LECTURE:  Surgical Draping/Introduction to Anesthesia

LAB:  Practical #I


7      LECTURE:  Local Anesthesia

LAB:  Surgical Draping


8      LECTURE:  General Anesthesia

LAB:  Vials and syringes


9      LECTURE:  Implants/Transplants

LAB:  Catheterization


10    LECTURE:  OR Records/Death in the OR

LAB:  Catheterization


11    LECTURE:  Hemostasis/Introduction to Endoscopy

LAB:  Practical #II


12    LECTURE:  Cavity Endoscopy

LAB:  Endoscopes


13    LECTURE:  Lower Endoscopy

LAB:  Care of Specimens


        14    LECTURE:  Integrated Health Practices/Fractures/Casting

LAB:  Surgical Dressings


15    LECTURE:  Radioactive X-ray Procedures/Routine Post-op Care

LAB:  Emergency Procedures/Casting

            Tour X-Ray Department


Each week’s clinical practice will relate to the corresponding lecture material and will be applied after lab instruction and practice.


In addition to the Ambulatory Surgery Unit Operating Room, students will tour an X-ray Department the last week in the semester.


Students are assigned to a supervised mandatory practice laboratory for a period of 1 hr. 15 min. per week.  In addition, extra tutorial assistance maybe arranged as needed.




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