Thursday, December 8, 2016
Professor Elizabeth Wood
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I was born in Kentucky, but have lived in eastern Massachusetts (several small, formerly industrial cities north, south, and west of Boston), Pennsylvania (suburbs north of Philadelphia), and New York (on a boat on the south shore of Long Island, and now in Queens). My partner, Will, grew up on a dairy farm in north western New York, and we visit there regularly. I have a real affinity for rural and urban settings, but a sort of intellectual fascination with the social structure and landscape of suburban sprawl.

I majored in sociology because it seemed the best way to get at the social justice issues about which I was so passionate as an undergraduate, and about which I still care tremendously today. I earned a Ph.D. (Brandeis University, 1999) and became a professor because I loved college so much I couldn't imagine living in any other world. I teach at a community college because it satisfies my need to continue working for social justice while residing in the intellectual and scholarly world of academia.

In addition to my work at Nassau Community College, I also volunteer as a strategist for Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance, a national human rights organization dedicated to affirming sexual freedom as a fundamental human right. 

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